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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Featured Topic: Organization

1. Use a Cereal dispenser - children (and adults) can serve themselves and it's easy to tell when your supply is running low.

2. Use a Shampoo dispenser - children (and adults) won't waste shampoo; more than one hair product - conditioners, etc. can be dispensed in proper amounts

3. Never have a late payment again! Use Bill-paying organizer to keep track of your monthly payments. As soon as they come in the mail, place them in the appropriate spot. (Store stamps and return address labels in the same location)

4. Use a Day-timer to keep track of everyone's activities - just use one for everything. Color coding works to designate work vs. family activities; even color-code by child or activity category

5. Use a Food vacuum sealer for those items purchased in quantity. Meats and other frozen items can be stored for months and other foods will stay fresh until you need them. Vacuum seal canisters are also available separately or an entire kit can be purchased.

6. Maximize space under your sink with an under-sink organizer in your kitchen or bathroom. Many of them slide out for easy access to those less frequently used items stored in the back.

7. For extra space in the bathroom or kitchen hang an organizer with pockets on one side for bottle storage and a towel rack on the other.

8. Install under-shelf baskets to increase storage space and to store smaller items without having to search for them.

9. Install cabinet organizers. Many of them slide out for easy access, and some are available as risers for easy visibility of items stored in the back

10. Gain storage space under your beds by using bed risers to elevate your bed and afford storage of larger containers.

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