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Sunday, August 23, 2009

When God Says, "PRAY'

~~~Warning: long post!~~~

Over the past several months God has been working very deeply in my life, revealing to me what I need to offer up to Him in order to be the person He designed me to be. It has been painful and challenging and also full of joy and thanksgiving. I recently relinquished to Him my anger-an insidious and damaging sin of the heart, mind and soul.

No, my parents weren't bad people. No my husband doesn't beat me. No, my children are not a disappointment. Quite the opposite! And there, my friends, is the mystery/trickery of sin. It doesn't have to make sense in order for us to fall prey. I was angry about many things-some big and some very small. But I was angry. And over a lifetime it became my identity. Now I rejoice in a new feeling at my core: tranquility. It's a very new concept for me--one that has been foreign to me all my life. I'm liking it though and the deeper my Lord takes me, the more I offer up to Him, the more tranquil I become.

Daily God answers my plea to understand and view clearly His plan for me in light of the lifted burden of anger/sin that prevented me from doing so suitably to this point. Here’s what has gone on in the past two weeks:

I have felt an almost overwhelming burden to pray for others—including each of you. I put out a notice on FaceBook recently, inviting any and all to share their need for prayer with me. A year ago, I would have felt overwhelmed with the direct responses I’ve received as well as the (now approaching 30) others upon which I have “coincidentally” stumbled.

At first, I was excited at how God was blessing me. Oops! It’s not about me! I keep forgetting that! I am blessed beyond expression or description to be allowed such intimate and sacred relationship with those for whom I am praying. My list is growing daily. Some prayer requests are about sending a first child off to kindergarten or to college. Some are about devastating, life changing issues.

So where is this leading? I have no idea about the long term! This is what I have decided for now: I will continue to pray for each and every person who individually requests it. I will pray for others who have not requested it, but who I know are in need. I will also continue to pray for any and all of God’s beloved whom HE knows are in need of prayer.

Two requests in particular were like receiving a “gut punch” because of the grief and pain the individuals were experiencing. I am sending these two individuals a copy of my book in the hope they will find comfort and a sense of peace within the pages.

I wouldn’t have thought that appropriate or “humble” a year ago! But after all, the book is really not mine! The book was about obedience: God wanted me to do it. That was the whole purpose: obey Him! Every word, every punctuation point and every aspect of it is from God and for His glory and is rendered from His mercy and grace upon me as I have struggled, often crawling, to this point of obedience to His call on my life.

This is what I ask of you: If you know of someone who you feel would be ministered to by Woman At The Well, please order a copy for them at amazon.com. If you can’t afford a copy, send me a check for what you can afford. If you cannot afford to pay anything, that’s okay too. Just ask me for a copy, I’ll send it to you.

This is not a blatant or “back handed” plug for my book. I’ve given away more copies than I’ve sold! I don’t care if I ever earn back what I have invested financially to publish and market the book! I have also donated a portion of all profits to charitable causes. I will continue to do so. I am tithing my “profits.”

I don’t know why or how Woman At The Well has exceeded my hopes and dreams except that God has ordained it (and me) to be a vessel of His healing, His power, His grace. Why do I think so small and only in human terms? This is one of the reviews I’ve received about the book

“Mary O. Moss is the vessel God uses to pour love, wisdom and encouragement to the reader. Laced with Biblical Example and Scripture, the poems and short works really encouraged me. As I read I thought what a perfect gift book for someone who might be hurting through their own choices or even circumstances. I believe this would be a great book for someone who is searching for fulfillment, much like the Biblical woman at the well. Lastly, I think it's a wonderful work to keep for yourself. Let God love on you. Woman at the Well is a perfect means to feel His love today.”

I literally cried when I read it because I am still in awe that my mere act of obedience (publish the book) has touched even one person far beyond anything I could have imagined. “Let God love on you.” Let Him love on anyone in your life who needs a tangible reminder of that love.

I have started a list of all prayer requests I receive or have initiated on my own. If you would like me to add your name or the name of a loved one, let me know. I don’t know where this is leading, but I’m on board till the end of the line! God knows, and for now, that is enough. I may wake up tomorrow with a different/new/broader vision!

You can do me a great favor and pray that I will continue to hear God speaking in my life and obeying His instructions to me.

I woke up this morning knowing that this is the next step in my journey. Join me!
God’s grace and peace upon you in your journey.

Blessings on your journey,


Loren said...


What a beautiful post and what a warrior you are! the Lord will bless your obedience and I have no doubt your book will go beyond and bless many many lives!
Thankyou for your continued prayers for my Dad (doug) His button is on your sidebar. HE finished radiation this past friday and has a couple of weeks off until his next chemo. We find out about those spots on his brain when we do the scan Sept 10.
Bless You Mary!!!

Andrea said...

Mary....thank you for being you. Thank you so much for the prayers you have sent out on my behalf and behalf of my family. andrea

Unknown said...


(That's my version of a cyber hug!)

This is a beautiful calling that God has placed on your life! You are in my prayers!

And thank you for the message on Facebook, letting me know I am in yours too!) =)

God bless you,

Loriann said...

Hi Mary,
I am not sure how I found your blog, other than Jesus sent me. I was so encouraged by your pblog, I look forward to reading more. We have needs for prayer at our home, a small bit of info, We homeschool, uor two precious girls, and take care of our neice and nephew as often as needed as well as a 7 month old we have had off and on since birth. Our 9 year old Hannah has several health issues, asthma and allergies, heart murmur, pulmonary valve stenosis, migranes, sleep disorder, hypogammagoblunemia(immune disorder) IVIG infusions every 4 week, psorisis, and the arthritis that goes with it, and now the drs are 90% sure she has lukemia, we find out hopefully Monday. We love God, and serve him fully, but do get overwhelmed sometimes. feel free to visit our blogs.
Thank you for the prayers,
Mucl Love and prayers, Lori, Hannah, and Sarah

Anonymous said...

This family has been devasted not only with cancer but also financially. Would you please share this with others. Not any one person can give them the help they need, but if many would come together and just give the price of a cup of coffee it would be a great help. Thanks and please pass this on.