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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Kids in the Kitchen -- How to Cook up Family Fun

One of my earliest memories of “cooking” is when I was very young and my mom allowed me to stir the party mix. Now keep in mind, her party mix is legendary! Though she swears she uses the identical recipe she has given me, hers is always just a bit better. So, it was an honor to have even a small part in the creation of her famous party mix.

As I grew older, I learned and mastered more tasks required in meal preparation. After I mastered stirring cereals, corn chips, pretzels and several secret ingredients in a bowl without sending them flying all over the kitchen, I was allowed to stir a cake batter, etc.

Begin with simple recipes. There are some great cookbooks for kids on othe market today that include step-by-step instructions and pictures so kids can see what the food will look like when it's finished. Read more . . .

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