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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Three Weeks Until the Wedding!

Well, we're down to counting days now! 22 days until Jennifer's wedding and things have slipped into overdrive around here! Bless her heart, she's got a spreadsheet that is keeping us all on track and I'm so grateful for her organization!

Yesterday was a bright and beautiful Virginia late summer day--not too hot, not too humid. The photographer is wonderful and he envisioned a particular area of Maymont, where the wedding is to take place, for the photo shoot for her wedding portrait. Jennifer was fully attired (including hair and makeup done in the morning)and I was in charge of holding petticoats and ensuring the dress didn't "get dirty." YIKES!

What a riot! One little girl we passed asked her mom if Jennifer was princess. Of course I think she is, but it was cute. One little boy of about 6 or 7 told her she was beautiful -- from the look on his face, I'm pretty sure he'll remember that day the rest of his life! Another boy of about the same age commented to his parents, "she can stand so still."

Today we selected the shot for the portrait and all agreed the result of Jennifer walking over cobblestones, down overgrown trails and across some slightly treacherous landscape was worth it for all of us (even Jennifer!). The portrait will be unspeakably beautiful -- of course, the subject of the portrait is certainly that and more!

Jim and I are having to hold on to our seats as our life spins past us at a faster and faster speed. We looked at the former "babies" in the church today during children's moment at our church service and realized they'd be graduating from high school before we turn around.

We are feeling especially blessed at this time in our lives by our beautiful, good and gracious children, our families and our friends. We look forward to the years ahead with anticipation, excitement, and inevitably, bouts of sheer exhaustion from tyring to keep up with the passage of time!

One of our former pastors often reminded us, "Life is hard, but God is good."


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