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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Book Review: What Every Mom Needs

What Every Mom Needs (Zondervan, 1995), written by Elisa Morgan and Carol Kuykendall, is a must-read for moms of all ages! Morgan and Kuykendall are officers in the Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) organization. They share their perspective, sense of humor, empathy and advice with a laid-back tone and a definite sense that they’ve been in the trenches of rearing children with us!

The Sub-title of the book is Meet Your Nine Basic Needs (and be a Better Mom). These two seasoned moms remind us in the introduction that moms, like everyone else, have needs. Further, moms must learn to recognize and meet their own needs in order to better meet the needs of their children. Neither of these two statements is profound, in and of themselves. But all too often, moms get so caught up in the business of mothering that we forget about taking care of ourselves.

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