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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Pray

Do they think we would grow weary of miracles and joy?
Do they not believe we have the capacity for on-going good will?
Do they not desire for all goodness and love?
Do they not dream of peace in their own lives and the world?
Do they not hunger for unity and solidarity?
Do they not hope for generosity and kindness?
Do they not know how to speak life into the world?
Do they not thirst for truth?
Do they not long for justice?

I want a world full of miracles – reported on and recognized.
I believe in a world where good will is the norm and the standard.
I desire to live a life full of goodness and love.
I dream of peace in my town, my country, and around the globe.
I hunger for unity of heart as human beings.
I hope for generosity of spirit – at Christmas and always.
I strive to nurture life and holy living.
I thirst for truth.
I long for justice.

I pray.

© Mary Moss – December 23, 2008

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