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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Thankful Saturday!!

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Oh my gosh! How is it possible I was too "busy" to make my Thankful Thursday Post? I really was, though, and my entire schedule for the week had changed by Thursday, so I really got thrown off. I actually didn't light at my own house until about 9:15 (after getting to work at 8 a.m.!) Yikes! No wonder I didn't do it! The way my mind works, (or doesn't!) is that by Friday I'm sure I never even thought about making the post a day late, because I had already mentally crossed it off my list:-(

Well, I'm going to make a Thankful Saturday post because I feel especially thankful this morning!

In the order they crossed my mind this morning:
1) So far this season we have burned only free firewood! This is a big deal because we use our wood stove insert as our primary heat source in the winter (in other words we very frugally keep the thermostat set really, really low) If you would like to find out how this works for our family, you can read an article I wrote on gather.com here. The article also shares other frugal living information, in case you're interested in what our family has been doing to survive budgetary belt-tightening of the past year:-)

2) My husband. I'm pretty sure he was on my first list, but boy, he is just amazing. He's one of the hardest working people I've ever met. Yet, as he labors each day, he finds ways to minister to co-workers and customers; then he comes home and asks me to add new names to my prayer list as they have shared their struggles with him.

3) The three little children I nanny for each week. They are beautiful and very bright children. Each of them is fiesty and "high drama" in their own way, but they keep me grounded. They also teach me every day about how it is possible for God to love me so much in spite of how badly I misbehave:-)

4) My book of poetry and devotions has been published! I'm still kind of in shock, I guess because this has been a labor of love for so very long. I received one proof, made a few revisions and it will be ready to sell in about a week.

5) My sister is 50 years old today. Happy birthday, Kathleen!

That's it for now. I've got a long, long, to do list today so I better get off the computer and get to it!

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