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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Grace and Hope Banish Fear and Doubt

My husband and I attended one of the worship services at our church this morning, and it was clearly God's plan for me to hear the particular sermon and the music this morning!

I told my husband that I came home feeling as if I wanted to delve more deeply into God's Word and that the scripture read and sermon delivered really "hit the bullseye" for me. The sermon was based on the Lenten study at church this year--The 24 Hours That Changed the World by Adam Hamilton.

The sermon included brief video clips of the author in the Holy Land - in the actual locations of Christ's last hours on earth -- Gethsamane, the walk to stand before the high priest, then to Pilate where His earthly fate was sealed.

I was reminded of the human emotions Jesus must have experienced--fear, anguish, perhaps even hopelessness(?). I found myself deeply grieved by the shallowness of my own fears and anguish, frustration and yes, hopelessness at any given time.

To read the story of the end of Jesus' life, it is impossible to doubt that we worship a God who understands us and all our emotions, our weaknesses, our shortcomings. Our scripture today was Mark 14:53-72. Peter's denial of Jesus is included in this scripture. Peter loved Jesus so much and yet he denied knowing him! I can't help but recall all the times I chose the "easy path" in my faith walk. I understand Peter. Fear is a compelling emotion. So is doubt. So is hopelessness.

Isn't it amazing how words written so long ago - about events that took place so long ago, could still speak to the very core of who and what we are? Isn't it amazing that God loved/loves us enough that He chose to become like us - and yet never like us. Jesus walked to the Cross as a man. He felt all the same emotions a human man would feel. His choice gives us hope, reassurance and courage.

Jesus died for us. God's grace conquered our fear and doubt once and for all. Because He rose, we can have hope. Because of Jesus.

And that is all I need to know!

Blessings on your journey,


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