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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Perfectly Perfect Perfection

Synonyms for irrestible: alluring, beckoning, charming, enchanting, fascinating, glamorous, imperative, indomitable, ineluctable, inevitable, inexorable, invincible, lovable, overpowering, overwhelming, potent, powerful, ravishing, scrumptious, seductive, stunning, tempting, unavoidable, unconquerable, urgent

This is a post about perfection and the pursuit thereof -- okay . . . it's about my perfection and the lack thereof! I was making a statement earlier about my pursuit of perfection and while that is an "easy" word for one to define, I wanted to explain the hold that pursuing something so elusive and impossible can have on us and our lives. Irrestible is the word that came to mind and I knew that was on track, but, being a writer, I wanted just the *oops* perfect word or phrase. So I went to dictionary.com where I found the definitions above.

This whole thought process began in a very "ordinary" way yesterday. I had agreed to bring a dessert item to a lunch and learn meeting at church this afternoon.  I had decided I really wanted to make the adorable brownie bite "santa hats" in the picture.  After a trip to the grocery store I began assembly of the "hats" and my husband was surprised that I used "store-bought" brownie bites.

(There is absolutely nothing wrong with using "store-bought" anything! In fact, I had decided earlier in the week that I would, indeed, use store-bought brownie bites to make these.) My dear husband, though, is all too aware of my unrelenting pursuit of perfection - in everything I do (and is very familiar with my from-scratch baking habit). (Not that I AM perfect - rather that I pursue perfection--like a rat on a wheel!)

So . . . if you're still with me . . .  Bottom line is this:  It's appropriate and desirable to desire to be the best we can, in all aspects of our lives. However, pursing perfection can, in and of itself, become our purpose and our primary goal. It can make us (me) crazy - and drive those around us crazy too! But perfection is truly irrestible . . .  we will do anything and everything to pursue it.

I stated in a post on Facebook that when we spend to much time and energy pursuing perfection, it becomes urgently beckoning.  The pursuit takes over our lives, consumes us, turns us inside out! Even though we realize, in our sane moments, that we never can and never will achieve perfection, it is alluring and irrestible, until it becomes both imperative and overwhelming.

What is so "insane" is that the definition of the word I was looking for to describe my pursuit of perfection, actually describes God: alluring, beckoning, fascinating, indomitable, invincible, lovable, overwhelming, potent, powerful, stunning, unconquerable. 

That means that if I pursue my own perfection rather than the perfection that is God, I am guilty of idolotry. It means I am putting myself on the same level as God! That is just plain sinful!  Yes, I should strive to be the best "me" possible, but I sin when I seek perfection. 

God doesn't want us to be perfect--he doesn't expect us to be!  He wants us to seek Him! And he want us to have the same zeal in seeking Him - the alluring, beckoning, fascinating, indomitable, invincible, lovable, overwhelming, potent, stunning, unconquerable God of heaven and earth -- as we do in pursuit of own perfection.

"But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me" (2 Corinthians 12:8 NIV).

Blessings on your journey,

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Barb said...

I can never be perfect, except as God sees me in Christ. As you shared, it is futile for me to try. I'm asking God to help change my focus to being found IN HIM without spot or wrinkle--and dwelling on Him and His perfections and love for me rather than my imperfections.