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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lead Me on Level Ground

Tomorrow will have been 3 months to the day since my last post! It's all my fault that I failed to read and react to warning emails I had been receiving for quite awhile warning me I would need to reset my blogger id. Then, once I finally did get "locked out" I was too impatient and full of anxiety to figure out what I needed to do. 

Then I received some sad news about a family member. That became my new focus and received all of my thoughts and energy.  I came to believe - and now do so more than ever - that God wanted me to "take a break" and get reacquainted with Him and how He was working in my life - even though it was uncomfortable and, sometimes, just too painful to rest in Him.

So . . . .   what great words of wisdom have I been just dying to share?  Only these:  The mind of God is unknowable, but His heart - ah, His heart!  That I know!

His heart if full of love and mercy, peace and strength, wisdom and comfort. I know this as fact because of how He has loved me and comforted me, upheld and uplifted, forgiven and strengthened me more than I could possibly deserve - not only recently, but throughout my life.

I find it fascinating that this forum has been restored in the midst of election season. In my younger, less seasoned days, I would seize upon the opportunity to share my political beliefs - being just as absolutely certain that my views are the correct ones and the "other side" is fundamentally wrong.  Nope. Not even going to go there.

Not that I don't believe the results of this election, perhaps more so than any other in my lifetime thus far, or to come in the future are crucial and potentially life-changing. I do! But I choose to pray -- ardently, passionately and continually that the same God who has consoled and embraced me over a lifetime is the God who loves all of us so much that regardless of the outcome, He will be there.

I've been journaling off line - you know . . . in a journal with a pen! I have missed that mode of journaling. It's so personal and as a writer, I now realize it is essential - it is how God speaks to me and the mode of communication that grants me so many insights and revelations.  I'll continue posting, but not sure the direction I'll be going yet.  I know I'll maintain my focus on prayer. Beyond that, we'll just have to see.

In case you have a hard time believing God speaks to us and acts intimately and deliberately in our lives, this was the "verse of the day" posted at biblegateway.com, the site I use to search scripture!

“Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground" (Psalm 143:10 NIV)

Blessings on your journey,


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