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Friday, March 29, 2013

God is just too big for us to imagine!

Every single day since Mom's passing she has "communicated" with me - sent a message of some kind, a thought that crosses my mind.  I have experienced contact with God in the past, but I'm feeling like I have a "direct line" now - I believe His desire is for each of us to be open to His thoughts and guidance.  Now I understand in a new enlightened way that Mom has joined this cosmic, interwoven, interconnected, shape-, form-, time-defying essence that is God. And He is just too big for us to imagine!

The Alpha and Omega God I worship now is so much more multi-dimensional and multi-faceted -- as I have never understood before! Assigning my Mom as part of Him in no way diminishes who God is - or at least who I perceive Him to be! Rather Mom joining Him opens up my mind to the unspeakable, unimaginable, inexplicable existence that is God! My mind is just blown! The vastness and completeness of it all is beyond human comprehension!

I am breathless and speechless. I am in absolute awe! I am humbled.

As evidence of this interaction with the divine, I wrote the following after my Dad and I had picked up Mom's urn several days after she died.

On my way to the house with Dad from Margie's and then upon arrival, I felt such an emptiness in my heart. On Tuesday night I had the thought that Mom isn't here anymore - couldn't even seem to feel her presence! It made me so very sad.

Yesterday we picked up her urn and placed it on the hutch and I cried for a little bit. But within 30 minutes of Mom's arrival she sent me a message that I know she wants me to share.

I'm still here.
I'm in the wind.
I'm in the twinkling stars.
I'm in the shadows of the moon.

I'm still here.
I'm in each breath and every sigh.
I'm in a random sideways glance.
I'm in your laughter and fun.

I'm still here.
I'm in the snowflakes and rain.
I'm in rainbows and sunshine.
I'm in clouds and clear skies.

I'm still here.
I'm in mountain heather.
I'm in the deep deep sea.
I'm in craggy rocks and sea shells.

I'm still here.
I'm in all your teardrops.
I'm in each struggle you endure.
I'm in every victory and celebration.

I'm still here.
I am with you always because you are part of me.
You are my heart and love and
my everything and always will be.

I'm still here.
Live a long and happy life
Be kind and gentle.
Do what is right and good to honor me.

Don't worry . . . it's good . . . it's good

Blessings on your journey,

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