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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanksgiving – Not Just About Turkey and Pumpkin Pie

This is a great time of year to teach children about gratitude and generosity. Actually, as parents we could probably use a small refresher course, too! The holiday season is also a wonderful opportunity to share your families’ history with your children—traditions, funny stories, and other unique qualities about your child(ren)’s extended family.

Thanksgiving at my childhood home was heralded in when the premier batch of my mother’s famous party mix came out from wherever she hid it from us. I’m not sure when she began making her annual supply of party mix each year (eventually it was made, stored and consumed by the garbage bag sized container!). We always had a house full of neighbors, cousins and friends for dinner.

While we’re talking to our children about gratitude and generosity, why not allow them to pick a community service project you can do as a family Christmas. Serving a meal at one of the homeless shelters, delivering Christmas cookies to the fire station, visiting a nursing home and singing Christmas carols are all great ways to share the joy of the season.

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