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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Benefits of Parenting Advice from Experienced Parents

When we become parents for the first time, we are really beginning a journey into uncharted waters. As new mothers and fathers we have so many questions and may not feel very confident about our parenting abilities. The first inclination for mothers may be to seek parenting advice from their own mother, their mother-in-law or another family member, the child's pediatrician, parenting books or by searching on the internet.

You mother or mother-in-law has certainly reared children, but it has probably been quite a long time since they had young children under foot. The parenting styles of older relatives may not be consistent with modern ideas and methods. One potential problem that could develop by asking your mother or other family member for advice is that if you don't follow their advice, they might take it personally. That could potentially lead to a rift in your relationship with them.

So, how do you find experienced parents from whom to get parenting advice? Find out at The Benefits of Parenting Advice from Experienced Parents.

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