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Monday, May 4, 2009

Mother's Day Giveaway Winners!

This was so much fun and I think I'm going to start doing a giveaway more often!

The winners of the Mother's Day Giveaway are:

Cheri @ Glass House Ministries
Edie @ Rich Gifts
Julie @ Surrendered Scribe

Each of these beautiful and inspiring women may select which prize they would like!

Thank you to all who entered the contest.


Laurie said...

Congrats to your winners and congrats Mary on your upcoming blog changes! Love you, Laurie

Andrea said...

Congradulations winners! Thank you, Mary for giving with such a gracious heart!!

Edie said...

Thank you so much Mary! I saw this as I was working on your blog. Imagine my surprise! lol.

What a blessing this is. I would love to have your book. Guess I should email you with my address, huh? :)

Much love!