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Friday, May 1, 2009

Changes Are Coming Soon!

I'm very excited that Edie at Rich Gifts is working on a new blog banner and banner for my website. She's also going to make this a 3-column blog! I have an idea of how I want to arrange all the gadgets, buttons, widgets, etc., and the 3-column design will accomodate my plan perfectly!

I love Edie's creativity and how she "captures the essence" of each person she does work for!

So . . . stay tuned. The winds of change are blowing:-)


Alleluiabelle said...

I'm looking forward in seeing the new layout and design. Edie certainly does a superb job in designing and detailing each site to that person's needs. I've been playing around with the existing blog template that I have. It's been fun learning and moving things around. I am anxious to see what's coming your way!

Love you,

Edie said...

Thank you so much for your patience Mary. This really should have been finished before now. You are such a blessing.