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Thursday, December 17, 2009

You're a diamond

"You're a diamond." That's what a co-worker told me the other day after we had (at our office) been through several days of being unsettled and somewhat dysfunctional.

One advantage of working in an office with a bunch of therapists is, quite frankly, "free therapy!" My co-worker/friend knew I needed to be reassured of my value at that time. She knew, too, that I tend not to view myself as very shiny or glimmery or beautiful all too often. In fact, sometimes I feel more like a lump of coal and she realized I had been having one of those weeks where I was feeling pretty "coal-like."

The word "Diamond" comes from the Greek word "Adamas", which means indestructible. It is the only gem known to man that is made of a single element, Carbon, besides graphite. Diamond is completely made of Carbon atoms (Chemical Composition - 'C') crystallised in a cubic (isometric) arrangement. [http://www.gemsutra.com]

Diamonds take millions of years to form, under tremendous heat and pressure. Very few of them ever make it to a jewelry store as so many factors can mar the beauty, clarity, cut, etc., of the stone. Diamonds can cut glass--they're that strong. To look at them, one would think something so shiny and beautiful was fragile and easily broken. But that's not the case! Diamonds really are indestructible!

As I read this information about diamonds I thought, "I am a diamond!" We are each precious jewels in God's eyes. Too often the world grinds us down and wears us out, and some of our shine gets worn off. But we are precious and perfect to our Heavenly Father.

Because of Jesus, we are, like diamonds, indestructible! When we're feeling down for the count, and not thinking too highly of ourselves, we need to remember that all the pressure we're under is part of the diamond-making process! Without it we won't be able to shine! The result will be a beautiful jewel, divinely designed by a God who loves us more than we can ever imagine.

Blessings on your journey,


Auntie Cake said...

Such a sweet post. I think there are a lot of diamonds out there who don't recognize it. Thanks for sharing your sweet story, you are a shiny diamond, created especially by God. Have a very Merry Christmas!

Edie said...

Beautiful post Mary. And even as a lump of coal, we are still that diamond He sees and is shaping us to be.

Thank you for the beautiful Christmas card!

Merry Christmas and Rich Blessings for 2010!