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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Prayer focus for 2012 - do you have one?

I'm not a big New Year's resolution type person. For 2012, though, I have been given a vision of what/how I am to pray throughout the year.

I was trying to avoid saying, "God revealed it to me." That can alienate some people, cause some to roll their eyes, or at a minimum be skeptical. But that's what happened. I was on my way home from work -- so often God get's my attention when I'm in the car - guess it's because I'm sitting in one place and have to stay there!

I heard a Christmas-themed song I have not hear before and I don't even remember the line in the song that sparked this revelation, but there is no doubt about it! I've been struggling with how to get my prayer life back on track - been diligent for the past couple of weeks. But this focus will encourage and compel me to keep at it, and even take things to a new level.

I'm not trying to be mysterious -- well . . . maybe a little. When I've developed the plan a little more concretely, I'll share it. And invite you to join me.

I'll give you a hint for now, though: It's seasonally-themed!

Even if you don't have a theme or plan . . . pray! It's so powerful! And I promise you, you will experience a changed heart. You will see results of your prayers - some very small, but some huge! Just pray.

One of my prayers is that you are blessed this season and bask in the glow of a tiny baby sent to earth 2000 years ago. He came here for you. And for me. God in the flesh. Savior of all mankind. Talk about the world's greatest Christmas gift!

Blessings on your journey,

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